Notes & Quotes from our Clients

"Dear Vicki,
It has been almost three months since Claire’s birth, and I wanted to thank you for the part you played in it with us. Even though this was our second baby, having your support on a 24 hour basis was great. No two births are the same (thank goodness, I say, after the first one…!) and although we had been through it before, we still had so many questions. Especially the ones at 3am (sorry!) People who are looking towards childbirth with any sort of nervousness or trepidation should be aware of your services - there is so much to think about in the 48 hours or so before a delivery, and being able to bounce concerns off someone who has seen hundreds of births is so reassuring. You brought the ball for me to relax on and encouraged my daily walks before the birth, drove me to the hospital, and were obviously as excited as we were to be there that day. Your calmness and knowledge mixed with your natural friendliness and humour were absolutely the perfect mix for us. As you remember, I was ready to go home about three hours after the birth and healed so quickly, and all after a completely non-medicated birth (thanks to your quick thinking in taking my beloved gas supply away without telling me – I still remember thinking ‘uh oh, I think I’ve had too much’) If you hadn’t noticed I would have probably been on the floor (with a big smile) after the next contraction!
Anyway, like your other clients we have the little photo album on our living room bookshelf and look at it now and then. The birth story was also wonderful to get, and your eloquent depiction of the day lets me look back and relive the moments. Your support both to Matthew and myself made this whole birth experience wonderful. Maybe see you again in a couple of years…
Alex and Matthew"

"Six months have passed We cannot believe it. We are enjoying every second of parenthood and that includes our pregnancy and the birth of Anjolie. A formal thank you to you for helping make our birth wonderful is overdue.
Although we understood and appreciated the concept of a Doula, for a few reasons we were unsure if a doula would be right for us. Randy and I are very close and we were looking forward to sharing together the special experience of having our first child, so we didn't know if we wanted a third party involved in our experience. Secondly, Randy's nature is such that he is extremely considerate and supportive to me. Since 1 could count on him to be helpful every step of the way, we didn't think that we needed any assistance in the birthing experience.
In interviewing you, we found out that the whole reason why you are a doula is that you honor and cherish the birthing experience and wanted it to be the best it could be for us, in the way that we wanted it. You found out what type of experience we wanted and committed to supporting us in achieving it. What we also discovered was that you are an expert in the birthing experience and could provide us with immediate information and assurances throughout the process that our doctor and the nurses could not always be counted on to provide.
We decided we liked the idea of having a personal one-on-one coach for this enormous and unknown experience we would be having. Mostly, we wanted that immediate assistance, information, and reassurance available to us.
I can say now, it doesn't matter how close we are, or how helpful my husband is. We cannot imagine having gone through the experience without you. No matter how committed Randy was to helping me, how could he have ever know exactly what to do without you there to coach and assist him? How could I have possibly had such an enjoyable labour if I was busy trying to help him to help me. You didn't once replace or interfere with my husband. You complimented him. By being completely supported in every way, I was able to concentrate on having my baby.
You were so reassuring and helped us so much. We were calm the whole time, never unsure, and never panicked. I had several tough times in my twentieth+ hour when, had you not been right with me every second telling me how to get through it, I know 1 could not have endured, and would have slipped into panic or hysteria. I also know that during those times, Randy would have been helpless to help me. You made the birth of Anjolie such a positive and enjoyable experience for us.
The delivery of an unbelievably professional photo album the next day was just extra. We are particular about photography and certainly didn't expect that calibre of journal as a part of your service. You are certainly someone who has found their true calling. Thank you for everything you did for us."
Cindy & Randy

"You were there to share in the most momentous event in our lives and we wouldn't change that for anything in this world. All babies are a miracle, but, our son, Alex is even more so as we struggled so hard to have him in our lives. To this day I still have the photos you took on my coffee table and look at them on a weekly basis. They still bring a tear to my eye as I look at them and remember that day for the miracle it was. I cherish those pictures more than any other keepsake I have and am so grateful that you were there to take them. With all the hussle and bustle in the delivery room I missed out on so much and I am able to relive it because of your photos. Unlike my wedding photos (that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars) that are now in a photo album in a cupboard, these photos of Alex's birth will remain on our coffee table for everyone to see. We will never be able to thank you enough for being there for us, and hope that if we are lucky enough to have another baby, that you will be there to share it with us again.
Jacquie, Dave and Alexandre

"We could not have imagined having this life experience without you. We would do it over again in a heart beat"
Blair & Diane

"Our greatest decision was to hire Vicki Kunzli as our Doula... Her postnatal care continued on well after the arrival of our little angel... What a treasure Vicki was in making our labor experience a cherished memory."
Steven & Janette

"Thank you so much for the pictures and the wonderful birth story. You're an amazing Doula and a credit to your profession..."
Cyn & Doug

"As with the first birth it was wonderful having you by our sides... We hope to go through it again sometime soon, together. The birth story is a wonderful keepsake to have."
Vivian & Dave

"Thank you. You are such a Blessing!"

"We couldn't have had a drug free 12.5 hour labor and delivery without her. She kept us grounded and calm even when we didn't think we could do it."
Elliot & Lauragaye

"You are so encouraging and calm. Your touch is gentle and focussing. Brian thanks you too and swears by your services... All of your effort afterwards is appreciated too. The story & album will be treasured forever."
The Orth's

"...his birth would not be near the experience if you had not been involved. The photos are extremely precious... And the birth story. A wonderful touch."
Lori & Carlo

"Words cannot express the gratitude... Your wisdom, love and kindness gave John and I the ability to see the beauty of childbirth. We will hold on to our birth experience and commit it to a special place in our memory as one of the best times we have shared together as husband and wife. For this we can only THANK YOU."
Renette & John

"With all the cutbacks in healthcare, we felt very comfortable having a 24 hour support person available.... She spent over 6 hours one day while we were in the hospital to help us with breastfeeding. Vicki is a great Doula and we would have been glad to hire her just for the breastfeeding!"
Dennis & Peggy